“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” -Henry David Thoreau

Some food for thought.  And quite a fitting quote for my gift for you today.  Click on the link for a beautiful pdf of the most common false friends that I have come across over the years.  Some of these little weasels never fail to make their way into students’ writings, stealing the true meaning of what they actually want to say.

My personal favourite though, was at a wedding in Portugal and the official translator told us in English that we were there pretending to marry the bride and groom.  Thankfully it wasn’t all pretend, they are legally married!



31 useful phrases for report writing on a plate

31 useful phrases for report writing on a plate

In paper 2 the examiner is looking for how capable you are at adjusting to different written styles.  It is imperative to put the utmost effort in to get the best feedback possible.  For those of you who have difficulty either in reading the example on the page on which the task is set or turning the numerous pages to the writing reference at the back of the text book, here are yet more examples of phrases which are appropriate when writing the various sections of a report. Much love.

Film fanatics

Movie buffs might well choose to write the review in part two.  If this is you, make sure you know what you are talking about. Bogglesworld provides a good worksheet on the basic language to talk about films:  http://bogglesworldesl.com/lessons/MovieLesson.htm Click on the 2nd link on the left and you have a document you can download and use for reference.

Also think about the language you use to describe it.  Normally (if the film is any good)  your language should reflect the genre.  If you have a spare 3 minutes, choose a genre and brainstorm  relevant words and collocations so that you don’t struggle in an exam situation.

Another extremely useful thing you can do is READ some film reviews.  You will find many language features including alliteration; something I think I may suffer from.