Say cheese!

Here’s a link to a video of speaking part 2.  The more you see and practise the task, the easier it becomes.

What is the examiner looking for in this part?

  • The ability to compare two photos based on the question given.
  • A normal speed of talking. This is the part where students rush.   Don’t.  You make your job and that of the examiner much harder.  Frankie says Relax.

Go with the flo(w)

Go with the flo(w)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again FloJoe is the best site in town for tips, practice tests and generally all things Cambridge.  Easy to use and always changing it should be one of your firm favourites.  Sign up for the newsletter like your geeky teacher and you will find out what’s new first.  This week’s writing task is a report.  Why not give it a go and get some feedback? You never know, it might help with your next writing task in class.