Gift of the gab

A gift for Friday! Here is a CAE speaking exam video of Raphael and Maude. Read the examiner’s comments in the link below.

In part 4 you will notice that the interlocutor asks a couple of questions to the indivudual candidates and asks whether the other agrees and with other questions she asks them to discuss them together.


Say cheese!

Here’s a link to a video of speaking part 2.  The more you see and practise the task, the easier it becomes.

What is the examiner looking for in this part?

  • The ability to compare two photos based on the question given.
  • A normal speed of talking. This is the part where students rush.   Don’t.  You make your job and that of the examiner much harder.  Frankie says Relax.

Full of beans


I’ve recommended espressoenglish before for good expressions.  If you sign up to their newsletter (like me) you receive updates.  This week’s lesson focuses on useful phrases for different social situations.  No one likes to be left standing in the corner like a lemon and the interaction aspect is extremely important for part 3 and 4 of the speaking exam.