Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Tomorrow is 11th November and the day on which we traditionally commemorate soldiers who have fallen in battle, usually with a minute’s silence at 11am.  The poppy is a poignant symbol, representing Flanders fields in France, where many died in the trenches in WW1.  Click on this link  to read John McCrae’s poem, In Flanders Fields.   Continue reading


One for the books

Yesterday was World Book Day so it’s an opportune moment to take a look at some expressions related to the word ‘book’.  Whether you are a bookworm, who loves reading for pleasure, or whether you have to hit the books to revise for some exams, take a minute to check out the following expressions and you’ll be in my good books.




  • Never judge a book by its cover– Never judge on appearances.
  • Take a leaf out of —-‘s book– Try and behave like the person in question.

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