“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” – Nathanial Hawthorne

Watch Flo-joe’s video explaining the new 2015 writing paper format and tasks.  Take Peter’s advice and visit their website.  They focus a lot on writing, correction and improving your writing for each task.  It really is worth it.  Believe me.  Please.


Get ahead of the game (2015 updates)

As you are no doubt all aware 2015 will bring with it changes to the FCE exam. Here is a link to Flo-Joe and its revised practice exam area.  Time to get acquainted.

Remember that all material you have been using up to now is still valid.  There are no new activities, just a change in format.


The wonder of words

The wonder of words

If you haven’t got to know flo-joe and the site’s amazing resources yet, here’s a link to their FCE word bank.  There is a new phrasal verb (with context), formation activity and collocation each day.  It literally takes 2 minutes to look.  If you know it already, a pat on the back for you and you can be on your way, but if you don’t……don’t you think you should?


Go with the flo(w)

Go with the flo(w)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again FloJoe is the best site in town for tips, practice tests and generally all things Cambridge.  Easy to use and always changing it should be one of your firm favourites.  Sign up for the newsletter like your geeky teacher and you will find out what’s new first.  This week’s writing task is a report.  Why not give it a go and get some feedback? You never know, it might help with your next writing task in class.