Turn the ultimate fiend into a friend

To mark tomorrow being Halloween and Netflix releasing season two of their spooky series, Stranger things, I thought we could look at some expressions using the word devil.  Take a look at the following phrases and have a ponder as to what they could mean:

  1. Talk/speak of the devil
  2. The devil’s in the details
  3. Devilishly handsome
  4. Better the devil you know
  5. Play devil’s advocate
  6. Between the devil and the deep blue sea
  7. The devil finds work for idle hands

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Let’s hit the ground running!

To be fair this is probably how most of us feel about Mondays.

To mark yesterday’s marathon in Valencia I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some expressions using the word run.  If you’re one of the lucky few who hit the ground running on Monday mornings (start the day with energy) instead of crawling out of bed when your alarm clock’s snooze button threatens to go on strike, you’ll have no problem committing these eight expressions to memory.

The expressions I have chosen are either ones that I have seen in FCE papers or are the ones I feel are most commonly used, therefore you are more likely to come across them or be able to use them yourselves.

1) Run in the family- If something runs in the family it is something that you have in common through different generations.  It could be related to appearance, a big nose, or personality or quality, lateness.

2) Run out of something- When you have no more of something left.  A shop can run out of a product. You can run out of steam when you have no energy left.

3) Run something by somebody- This is when you tell somebody about something, often information.  It is commonly used to get somebody to repeat something, “Run that by me again.”

4) Run of the mill-  This is used to describe something ordinary.

5) Run over-  This is when you drive over something or somebody.

6) Run round like a headless chicken-  When you are very busy you might do this.  As you can imagine, a chicken with no head is not the calmest of creatures!

7) Run like clockwork- when everything goes to plan or works very well we can use this phrase.

8) Run riot-  When a teacher leaves a classroom, certain misguided students may feel it is appropriate to run riot ie. behave badly and inappropriately.