“The two most powerful warriers are patience and time” – LeoTolstoy


After spending the weekend in Madrid and paying a visit to the Reina Sofia art gallery to see Guernica again, I thought some phrasal verbs/ expressions related to everyday conflict could be a good idea.


5 Phrasals:

  • To fall out with sb – When you have an argument/ you are no longer on speaking terms.  You can also make it into a noun, eg. we had a fall out/ a falling out.
  • To fight off – To defend yourself from an attacker, either a physical one or an illness eg. I’m fighting off a cold at the moment.
  • To gang up on sb – When people get together to attack an individual in a fight or a discussion.
  • To lay into sb – When sb attacks sb rather fiercely, with physical violence or their words.
  • To stand up to sb – To be confident in your position and to confront your opposition.

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