Do your best not to make a mess of your collocations

This week’s B2 revision quiz left some with doubts about colocations with make and do.

Here’s a list of the correct answers:


  • a phone call
  • breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • a complaint
  • a choice
  • a mistake
  • an appointment
  • a decision


  • business
  • a project
  • housework
  • the washing up
  • your best
  • an exam
  • someone a favour
  • research

A good way to learn them would be to try and make connections.  For example, ‘make a decision’ and ‘ make a choice’ are very similar ideas so you could group them together.

Another group you could make would be with ‘do’ and things related to work, either at school, at work or at home, although remember we say ‘make the bed’, but there has to be an exception to the rule!



The wonder of words

The wonder of words

If you haven’t got to know flo-joe and the site’s amazing resources yet, here’s a link to their FCE word bank.  There is a new phrasal verb (with context), formation activity and collocation each day.  It literally takes 2 minutes to look.  If you know it already, a pat on the back for you and you can be on your way, but if you don’t……don’t you think you should?