One for the books

Yesterday was World Book Day so it’s an opportune moment to take a look at some expressions related to the word ‘book’.  Whether you are a bookworm, who loves reading for pleasure, or whether you have to hit the books to revise for some exams, take a minute to check out the following expressions and you’ll be in my good books.




  • Never judge a book by its cover– Never judge on appearances.
  • Take a leaf out of —-‘s book– Try and behave like the person in question.


Types of people/actions

  • An open book– Someone who is genuine/ you can’t misunderstand them.  In fact, you can read them like a book.
  • Cook the books– What a dodgy accountant does.
  • Do something by the book– People who do this do things how they should be done
  • The oldest trick in the book– Something that still deceives people despite having been used many times before.


In my book it’s always a good idea to look at how a word can also be used in other ways.  For example, as a verb ‘book’ can be used as a synonym for ‘pay for’ or ‘reserve’ when we say book a flight or book a table in a restaurant.  It can also be used like ‘hire’ when you book performers or a DJ for a party.  And finally for sports lovers a referee can book a player when they have done something wrong.



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