Time to get down to business

After a teensy hiatus here is some extra support for the main problem areas:

  • WRITING: http://www.pearsonelt.gr/cosmicb2_downloadables.pdf This is a great resource for writing part 1 so use it very wisely.  We have done one of the essays in the Objective classes.  There are 5 other essay tasks.  Make full use of the preparatory exercises, focus on the task and incorporate some of the key phrases we have looked at.  Also check out http://www.rubenvalero.com/english/content/writing-useful-words-and-phrases-fce for a great selection of phrases for each writing task.  A helpful hint: create your own lists and you are more likely to remember them.
  • PHRASAL VERBS: http://a4esl.org/q/j/ck/fb-phrasalverbs.html This is an interactive activity where you fill in the sentences with the correct particle. On the following site you will find a list of the most common for B1 and B2 with a translation into Spanish and an example sentence, something which I advise you always do when recording for yourself.  http://www.goldidiomas.com/gram-vocab/vocabulario/phrasal-verb-list-pet-and-fce
  • READING: Part 6 (old exam part 2) can be the pesky part.  Here is a list of tips to help manage time and complete it more efficiently.  http://www.onestopenglish.com/exams/cambridge-esol-exams/fce/fce-tips/fce-tips-reading-part-2-gapped-text/144713.article

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