Good luck!!!!!

Ok so I promised some corrections/ observations for those who are gearing up to do the (schools) exam this Saturday.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag…

  • Remember to use appropriate openers and closers for the different types of letters
  • In formal writing we usually avoid contractions
  • In reviews ‘good’ doesn’t cut the mustard.  It is a boring word
  • Don’t start your paragraphs in part 1 with ‘About….’ Incorporate the idea you have to include in natural language
  • Be ultra strict with your tenses if you choose the story option in part 2 and remember time markers help guide the reader
  • Please don’t put a comma before because.  It has been driving me up the wall all year.  They do not like each other. Do not make them spend time together
  • Don’t overuse commas.  While some people think that full stops in messaging look too abrupt, commas cannot perform the same function.  Be self-critical when checking your work.
  • In English we think about (consider) or  think of (recall).  We never think in.
  • ‘In spite of’ and ‘despite’ are synonyms, but only if they are written correctly
  • Accommodation has 2 ms.
  • Remember that have in the past simple is ‘didn’t have NOT ‘hadn’t

For the Use of English exam…

  • Make sure you know your alternatives to ‘if’
  • Make sure you can manipulate the passive in all tenses, including with modals
  • Revise reported speech and reporting verbs (especially the form of the verb following them)
  • Swot up on phrasals
  • such/so
  • all comparative structures

In the reading paper…

  • Please highlight your answers so that you can check them efficiently

In the listening paper…

  • Highlight key words and remember to think of ways of paraphrasing the questions/statements

And finally for those of you who are doing the speaking exam on Monday.  Be friendly to the examiners, relax, don’t rush and dare I say it…enjoy yourself!


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