Why do nuns never wear coats? Is it just habit?

I love seeing nuns out and about on their own.  I find them fascinating and for some reason associate them with the magpie saying (One for sorrow, two for joy…)  So today is a good day, having seen two nuns.  Fair enough, today has been unusually warm for the time of year (sorry Brits) but in my various years of living here I have never once seen a nun in a coat.  Why is that?  Don’t they feel the cold?

Anyway, click on the link for some singing nuns (it’s a clip from Sister Act), the lyrics are clear and the grammar is good.

Ooooh and one last thing….This will be our end of year performance.  If you’ve read this you can get out of it.  If not, well….choir practice starts after Fallas.

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