An apple a day keeps the doctor away

images (2)This expression used throughout the ages to get children to eat their 5 a day can be (somewhat tenuously) linked to language learning.  What I mean is if we do a little a day we are reinforcing what we know and building on it much more effectively than if we do nothing for a long time and then eat a huge fruit salad in the vain attempt to catch up.  It’s not actually that difficult to fit an apple into your daily routine and it isn’t difficult to squeeze some English in either.  Have some useful vocabulary stuck on the mirror and look at it while you’re brushing your teeth; listen to music or a podcast when you’re walking or on the bus; ask a younger sibling about what they did in English class; download an app;  strike up a conversation with your classmates in English before class or say hello to whoever is on reception and ask how they are; and finally try thinking of as many phrasal verbs as you can when you go to sleep (so much better than counting sheep!)

If you see learning and maintaining a language as a chore, it will always seem alien.  Get it firmly rooted into your life and it becomes part of you.

One last thing….interesting fact learned from Buzzfeed: The apple core is apparently a myth.  If you eat from the bottom up to the stalk at the top you can in fact eat the whole thing!


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